The DEVIL’S DISCIPLE MC was founded in Greater Manchester in 1969 and flew the N.WEST Bottom Rocker and the Devil’s Head Centre Patch. Al Fryers was the First President between 69 and 73.

The Club was based around Lymm from 69 to 71 and used to meet at Pops Cafe now the Poplar 2000 Services. The Club moved to the Partington area between 71 and 80 and initially met in a room behind the local Youth Club. Thor became President in 1973 and in 81 the DD’s moved into central Manchester.

In early 86 they opened their first Clubhouse behind Archways Motorcycles in St. Georges and remained there until 98 when the area was redeveloped.

Between 92 and 94 there was a DUDLEY Chapter and Clubhouse in the West Midlands. The Presidents of DUDLEY were Biggsy and Large.

In 91 the CHOSEN FEW MC S. CHESHIRE under President Red met the CYCLE GYPSIES MC CUMBRIA under President Ren through KOOTER-BROWNS Custom Motorcycle Engineers. The two Clubs Partied together throughout the year and a party with the DD’s was arranged.

On Sat. 8th June 1991 the DEVIL’S DISCIPLE MC N.WEST partied with the CYCLE GYPSIES MC CUMBRIA and the CHOSEN FEW S. CHESHIRE at Alderly Edge. This was the start of a close alliance which culminated in the CYCLE GYPSIES MC joining the DEVIL’S DISCIPLE MC as the CUMBRIA Chapter in 1994.

In 2008 Northside Chapter in Bury was established and  In 2014 South Cumbria Chapter was established.

The DEVIL’S DISCIPLE MC moves into the 21st Century with a proud and unbroken tradition of over 44 years of Outlaw Biker Lifestyle behind us.

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